Senate Bill 14-170 - Funeral Procession Escorts

Thursday, April 24, 2014 2:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Update: This bill was postponed indefinitely on April 14. Governor Hickenlooper is expected to convene a transportation review committee this summer to discuss the matter along with other issues related to emergency vehicles. In the meantime, existing permits for escort firms will remain in effect.

We need your immediate assistance in support of a legislative bill that will impact your business.

Senate Bill 170, entitled "CONCERNING THE AUTHORITY OF A VEHICLE THAT IS BEING USED TO ESCORT A FUNERAL," expands the statutory definition of "authorized emergency vehicle" to include privately owned vehicles that are designated as such by the state motor vehicle licensing agency for the limited purpose of escorting funeral processions while the vehicle is being used for this purpose. A copy of this bill can be found online at


Confusing language in rules that govern the Department of Revenue has created a situation that may eliminate vehicle permits for motorcycle escorts that lead funeral processions. Without permits, escort firms cannot remain in business and funeral establishments will no longer be able to utilize these services to lead funeral processions. With Senate Bill 170, governance will be incorporated into statute to protect Funeral Escorts and authorize them to continue as emergency vehicles.


Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and the Colorado State Patrol initially stated they would support this initiative but now both, in a surprise move, have changed their position to oppose the bill.


Opposition to Senate Bill 170 could effectively "kill" this legislation and potentially create problems for Colorado funeral establishments and the families they serve who rely on motorcycle escorts to ensure safety for funeral processions.


Contact State Senators in FAVOR of Senate Bill 170

Your help is needed to contact your legislators, especially the following Senators who serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who will hear the bill on Monday, April 7th.


Chair - LUCIA GUZMAN, State Senator - District 34

Capitol Phone: 303-866-4862


Vice Chair - LINDA NEWELL, State Senator - District 26
Capitol Phone: 303-866-4846


MICHAEL JOHNSTON, State Senator - District 33
Capitol Phone: 303-866-4864


STEVE KING, State Senator - District 7      

Capitol Phone: 303-866-3077

Senator King is a co-sponsor of SB 170 - THANK YOU!


KEVIN LUNDBERG, State Senator - District 15
Capitol Phone: 303-866-4853


This legislative initiative will impact your business.
Please commit a few minutes THIS WEEK to make a few phone calls.

Help to ensure that funeral escorts can continue to operate and serve hundreds of families who request funeral processions.