Colorado Funeral Directors Association

July 1, 2014

CFDA Chooses Partnership with NFDA

The results of a ballot sent to CFDA voting members in March confirmed a change in CFDA's affiliation with the National Funeral Directors Association from "Choice" membership to "Partnership" status.

Partnership state associations enjoy tangible benefits including rebates and cost savings when involved in various NFDA programs and events. Partnership states also have the ability to promote NFDA member benefits directly to their members, thereby expanding the value of membership in their state.

Since its adoption of Choice membership in 1995, CFDA has assumed the full burden of administrative and financial resources needed to develop and provide benefits and programs for its members. CFDA has continued to serve as the ONLY organization that represents your professional interests with Colorado regulatory agencies and legislative bodies and a great deal of effort has been invested to provide advocacy, education, information and assistance for CFDA Members. The costs to sustain these statewide efforts are borne by a relatively small number of firms who continue to support the association through membership. With declining membership and limited participation in education programs, conventions and other activities, CFDA has struggled to elevate the level of services desired by its members.

Today, more than half of CFDA's members also join the National Funeral Directors Association. NFDA members enjoy online access to hundreds of sample legal forms; free hotlines and expert consultation on OSHA, human resources, GPL review and legal issues; marketing and media relations support; discounts on business services such as music licensing, credit card processing, software and electronics; as well as high- caliber educational resources offered through teleconferences, webinars, seminars and conferences. With national representation in Washington, DC, NFDA also works with the nation's lawmakers to advocate for funeral directors on the issues that matter.

What This Means for YOU

CFDA and NFDA Members can expect to receive in December one annual dues invoice issued from CFDA that includes 2015 membership in both organizations. Dues must be paid to CFDA no later than February 15, 2015.

NFDA dues is based on the cumulative volume of cases handled by the funeral establishment, including cases from all branch locations. The CFDA Board of Directors has discussed and will soon determine the dues structure and amounts for 2015 state association dues.

If your firm is already a member of both NFDA and CFDA, you may notice a negligible change in your annual dues for NFDA and CFDA. You will still enjoy the full benefits offered by both organizations.

Firms that are not members of NFDA will notice an increase with combined dues, balanced by a whole host of new benefits available through the combined resources of NFDA and CFDA.

The Colorado Funeral Directors Association will continue to represent Colorado funeral directors and the state's funeral service industry. It will maintain its current operations, activities and advocacy efforts and also receive benefit from NFDA including assistance with volunteer training, marketing support, participation rebates, and other association management resources.

The NFDA's House of Delegates will vote on a resolution at its October meeting to adopt CFDA's request for Partnership Status. If approved, CFDA membership will include annual membership in NFDA beginning in 2015.
We hope you will find value in the additional benefits and services now available to your business and will continue to support the Colorado Funeral Directors Association through your membership.

If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact me at the CFDA office by email or phone 303-791- 2336.

Steffani G. Blackstock, CMP

Executive Director

Colorado Funeral Directors Association

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