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How to Apply for CFSB Certification

The Colorado Funeral Service Board offers four categories of certification. Determine which certification category is most applicable based on your education, training, work experience and career goals.

Please review the application forms for specific criteria and required documentation for application.

Certified Mortuary Science Practitioner (CMSP)

  • Requires evidence of high school completion or equivalent; plus:
  • Graduation from accredited mortuary science program; 
  • Passing scores on the National Board Exam; and 
  • 12 months of supervised internship under supervision of a currently certified CMSP.

Certified Funeral Director (CFD): 

  • Requires evidence of high school completion or equivalent; plus:
  • Option A: two-years of college education, two years of supervised internship, and a minimum of supervised funeral directing cases; or 
  • Option B: no college education, six years of supervised internship, and a minimum of supervised funeral directing cases.

Certified Embalming Technician (CET)

  • Requires evidence of high school completion or equivalent; plus: 
  • Option A: graduation from accredited mortuary science program; passing scores on the National Board Exam; two years of supervised internship, and a minimum of supervised embalming cases; or 
  • Option B: no college education, four years of supervised internships, and a minimum of supervised embalming cases.

Certified Intern/Trainee (INT)

  • Requires high school diploma or equivalent plus 
  • Ongoing, qualified internship under the supervision of current Certified Mortuary Science Practitioner.

Click here for more information about certification categories and requirements.

Do I need to be certified by the Colorado Funeral Service Board to practice in Colorado?

Application Forms and Requirements

Download and print the appropriate forms as needed below.

Application Packets

Attention InternsInterns are required to actively work toward achieving a higher level of certification status, i.e., CMSP, CFD and/or CET.  An Intern Activity Report should accompany your annual renewal to evidence your progress through supervised training that will satisfy the requirements for CMSP, CFD and/or CET certification. If you have accomplished the requirements necessary for higher certification, you must apply for CMSP, CFD or CET certification by following the same application process as noted above.

Documentation Required for Applications

In addition to the completed application form, several supporting documents must accompany the application. 

Page 2 of the application form includes a list of items that should be submitted, including: 

  • The original, unaltered Affidavit must be completed by a currently certified CMSP (or licensed funeral service practitioner in another state) and must also be notarized. The document attests to the performance of required minimum cases and duration of supervised internship period. Do not submit copies of case reports.
  • The Intern Activity Report must be completed by a currently certified CMSP (or licensed funeral service practitioner in another state) to evidence that the intern performed the minimum required cases for funeral directing and/or embalming; and has received supervised training for required skills during the term of internship.
Other documentation that may be required for your application:
  • Copy of high school transcript or diploma or GED certificate to evidence completion of high school.
  • Official transcripts from academic college and accredited mortuary science program that evidence completion of 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours. A photocopy of college diploma or photocopy of college transcripts are not acceptable.
  • Official National Board Exam results from the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards. (You must contact The Conference to order an official statement; scores will be sent directly to the CFSB.)
  • Copy of your current license(s) if license is held in another state.
  • Official letter from the state licensing authority attesting to your standing with home state licensing board.
  • Verification of occupational practice for five (5) consecutive years of active practice in the licensed profession, evidenced by letters of recommendations from three (3) funeral directors with equivalent licenses in your home state.
  • Submit all application documents with $100 non-refundable application fee (U.S.) payable to the Colorado Funeral Service Board. Application fees will cover certification through December of the current year. Applications approved at the November quarterly meeting will be certified through December of the following year.

All documentation and payment must be received before applications are considered for approval. All applicant materials must be in English – foreign language translation is the responsibility of the applicant.

The Application Process

The application process contains several steps:
  • Completed application forms, affidavits, transcripts, fees and other supporting documents must received and processed by the CFDA/CFSB Office. Applications will not be accepted by members of the Colorado Funeral Service Board.
  • A member of the CFSB Board will review each application prior to the quarterly Board meeting for preliminary determine that all necessary documents are included. The applicant may receive a letter in the mail regarding missing documentation that must be provided to complete the application review.
  • Applications are reviewed by the entire CFSB Board on a quarterly basis. The Board usually meets on the second Tuesday in February, May, August and November. Refer to the schedule below for application deadlines.
  • Applications may be Approved, Require Second Review, Denied, or Approved Conditionally by vote of the CFSB Board. 
  • Applicants will be notified by mail within 3 weeks after the quarterly meeting about the status of their application. A certificate will be mailed to the applicant if the certification is approved.

Application Review Schedule

Applications must be received at the CFSB office no later than the 15th day of the month prior to the quarterly meeting. Applications received after this deadline will be deferred for consideration at the next quarterly meeting.

 Review Meeting  Application Deadline
 February  January 15th
 May  April 15th
 August  July 15th
 November  October 15th*

*Applicants approved in November are renewed through following year.

Approval Status

The CFSB Board reviews, discusses and votes on the approval status of each pending application at regular quarterly meetings. 
  • Approved:  A certificate will be mailed to the applicant within 3 weeks following the meeting if the certification voted as Approved.
  • Second Review: The applicant will have until the next quarterly review meeting to complete the requirements for certification. A maximum of 2 reviews are allowed per application submission. 
  • Conditional: The application may be Approved Conditionally upon receipt of supplementary documents that satisfy application criteria.
  • Denied: The application does not satisfy the criteria for CFSB certification. 
  • Expired: Applications will expire if not approved upon second review.


2018 Annual Renewal Fee: $93*      (*$3 discount applies for check payments.)
Certifications expire on December 31st each year and must be renewed annually. Renewal notices are mailed to certified professionals in December and must be paid by January 31 to avoid lapse. A $35 late fee will apply for all renewals postmarked after January 31 or later.

If your certification is not renewed within a two year period, you will be required to re-apply for certification. (Example: If your certification expired on December 31, 2016, you need to renew certification before November 1, 2018 to avoid re-application.) The balance due will be $218 for annual certification ($93) plus reinstatement fee ($125); contact the CFDA office to request a renewal statement.

Continuing Education

Certified professionals must earn at least six (6) hours of continuing education each year to maintain Active status. Evidence (such as a certificate of attendance) must be returned with the annual renewal notice to document CE participation. Certification may be renewed at Inactive status without CE credit. Payment of annual certification fee still applies for Emeritus, Retired and Inactive status.

Please Note: The Colorado Funeral Directors Association/Colorado Funeral Service Board does not maintain files for individuals who were previously licensed by the State of Colorado, or records of individuals who were previously certified under the Mortuary Science Commission.

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