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In Memory

  • Monday, April 10, 2017 6:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Click here to complete our online survey.

    Blueprint 2020 is an initiative to recognize the value of the Colorado Funeral Directors Association by promoting grassroots engagement and empowering funeral professionals across the state to embrace change and meet the challenges of the future.

    The goal is to modify the association's organizational structure, adopt a unified mission, and construct a new model for CFDA by the year 2020. Blueprint 2020 is a 3-year strategic plan to achieve this goal.

    Please take a few minutes to consider and respond to our online survey. Your feedback will help determine the direction for CFDA leaders to take.

    Click here to complete our online survey.

  • Monday, April 10, 2017 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Senate Bill 17-249 is working its way through the Colorado General Assembly, having passed second reading in the Senate last Friday.

    The bill results from the 2016 Sunset Review of Division of Insurance regulations. CFDA was successful in challenging the six recommendations that would alter laws pertaining to preneed funeral contracts.

    SB 249 will extend the preneed regulations until 2022 and allow CFDA to work with the Division of Insurance to thoughtfully address compliance issues. 

  • Tuesday, March 07, 2017 6:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The CFDA Office has been experiencing some technical issues that have caused unforeseeable delays in responding to calls and emails.

    Staff has been working diligently to resolve network connection issues and computer software problems. Our systems should be up and running again by the end of the week.

    We apologize for slow response times and appreciate your patience while we focus on resolving these IT challenges.

    Thank you.
    Steffani G. Blackstock, CMP - Executive Director

  • Friday, February 10, 2017 5:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Colorado funeral director, Chuck Bowman, CMSP, CFSP, CCO, will be retiring from Horan & McConaty after 20 years of service to the family-owned funeral business.

    Funeral service is a second career for Bowman, who began working at a small, family-owned funeral home in Castle Rock as a teenager. He retired from a 20-year career in law enforcement and returned to funeral service in 1990. 

    He started working at Horan & McConaty in March 1997 as a funeral director, assistant manager, building manager, and now Vice President. His recent duties include handling high-profile funeral services for community leaders, public safety officers, and local armed forces members killed in the line of duty.  In 1996, he enrolled in the Mortuary Science Program at Arapahoe Community College and became a member of the program’s first graduating class in 1998.

    Chuck has tendered nearly 22 years of service to the Colorado Funeral Directors Association. He served as President in 2003 and since then has chaired the association's Legislative Committee, acting as a spokesperson for the profession and giving testimony at the State Legislature. He earned the rank of Deputy Commander through his years of participation on the Region VIII D-MORT team and deployments to New York (911), New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina), and Joplin, Missouri. 

    He was Colorado's Policy Board Representative to the National Funeral Directors Association for 6 years before being elected to the NFDA Executive Board in 2013. He was subsequently elected Secretary and is now serving as Treasurer to the NFDA. 

    On February 9, Chuck and his wife, Connie, were honored by Horan & McConaty owners, John Horan and Daren Forbes, and more than 50 colleagues, family and friends at a celebration held at the Heartlight Center. Friends and co-workers paid tribute to the well-respected Centennial location manager and acknowledged his commitment to training and mentorship of many funeral professionals during his distinguished career.

    The next chapter for Chuck and Connie (who retired in 2013) includes a move from Aurora, Colorado, back to Connie's home town of Liberal, Kansas.


    In February this year, the Bowman's  daughter and son-in-law, Kelly and Michael Hornung, assumed ownership of Brenneman Funeral Home in Liberal, Kansas. Mike Hornung has been a part of the funeral industry in Colorado since 2009, where he was a part of the management team that oversaw St. Simeon Cemetery and funerals with the Archdiocese of Denver Mortuary. He graduated with honors from Arapahoe Community College Mortuary Science program in 2015 and moved to the Liberal community in January 2016. 

    Chuck Bowman will soon be joining the staff at the newly-named Hornung Family Funeral Home in Liberal. Bowman will resume practicing in Colorado funeral service, working with fellow CFDA Board Member, Ervin Maltbie, CFD, at Maltbie Funeral Services in Springfield, Colorado. 

    He will also continue his service with the Colorado Funeral Directors Association by conducting training programs and representing as Legislative & Advocacy Chair. He will fulfill his role as NFDA Treasurer this year and hopes to succeed as Vice President, then President of NFDA.

    Thank you, congratulations and best wishes to Chuck and Connie Bowman on their new adventures. 


    Beginning in March, you will be able to reach Chuck in care of Hornung Family Funeral Home.

    Chuck Bowman, CMSP, CFSP, CCO
    Hornung Family Funeral Home
    1212 West 2nd Street, Liberal, KS 67901

  • Friday, February 10, 2017 5:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Colorado Funeral Directors Association will host the 2017 Combined Convention in late July in downtown Denver, Colorado, with the Wyoming Funeral Directors Association. We're in the final stages of confirming the hotel - stay tuned for an announcement!

    More than 125 funeral professionals are expected to attend the 3-day Convention. 

    CFDA will accept proposals online until March 15, 2017 for presentations to be considered for the Combined Convention. 

    Please complete and send all required information so that our Convention Planning Committee can review and make selections that best fit the desired theme and objectives. 

    You will be notified by email no later than April 10 regarding your proposal status. 

    Click here for more information and link to the online form:

  • Thursday, February 02, 2017 12:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Recommendations from the 2016 Sunset Review of Colorado Division of Insurance functions were addressed at the State legislature's Senate Business, Labor & Technology committee hearing on January 30.

    Representing the funeral industry, Matt Whaley, from SCI Colorado Funeral Services, and John Horan, CMSP, from Horan & McConaty Funeral Services, explained their concerns that proposed regulations would unfairly penalize licensed Preneed Contract Sellers. 

    During the last 10 years, consumers have reportedly suffered losses of more than $2,000,000 from preneed contracts sold by unlicensed businesses.

    In her testimony before the Senate committee, CFDA's Executive Director, Steffani Blackstock, stated that there are 72 licensed Preneed Contract Sellers in Colorado representing approximately 125 funeral establishments. In comparison, there are more than 200 funeral establishments registered with DORA and many are believed to "sell or offer to sell" preneed contracts without a Preneed Contract Seller license. 

    "Better oversight is needed from the Division of Insurance to enforce existing statutes and the license requirement for all businesses that provide funeral goods and services according to the definition of 'preneed contract'."

    The Sunset recommendations are expected to be on the agenda at next week's hearing of the Senate Business, Labor & Technology committee.

  • Monday, January 30, 2017 12:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is proud to announce the names of the 50 funeral professionals who will attend the association’s expanded Meet the Mentors program. Meet the Mentors will take place March 12-14 at Emory Conference Center Hotel, which is located on the campus of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Meet the Mentors has been wholly funded by the Funeral Service Foundation since the program’s 2011 inception. 

    This year, in addition to accepting entries from funeral professionals who are under the age of 40, NFDA, for the first time, invited funeral directors who have been licensed for less than five years (no age requirement for new licensees) to participate in the drawing for a chance to attend Meet the Mentors.

    The names of the 50 participants were announced last week through a series of video drawings, which were shared on the NFDA website and social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc).

    The 2 funeral professionals representing Colorado at the 2017 Meet the Mentors program are:

    • Heather Kreider, Horan & McConaty Funeral Service, Centennial, Colo.  
    • Jessica Moratto, Callahan Edfast Mortuary, Grand Junction, Colo.  

    “Congratulations to the 50 funeral directors who were selected to participate in Meet the Mentors,” said NFDA President Ashley Cozine, CFSP, CPC, CCO. “I’m looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta and I’m confident this event will offer the energy, inspiration and encouragement you need to build a fulfilling career in funeral service.”

    About Meet the Mentors

    During Meet the Mentors, attendees will meet, learn from, and talk with three innovative and successful funeral professionals: James “Jimmy” E. Altmeyer Jr., president of Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory in Virginia Beach, Va.; and James “Jimmy” M. Olson, owner of Olson Funeral Home and Cremation Service in Sheboygan, Wis. Altmeyer and Olson will be joined by a third mentor whose name will be announced in the weeks to come.

    There is no cost to participate in the Meet the Mentors program itself. The Funeral Service Foundation’s grant provides exclusive, career-transforming access to three mentors, and covers attendees’ registration fees, two nights’ lodging and select meals. The 50 individuals selected to attend only pay for their transportation to the program.

    More than 600 young professionals and emerging leaders have benefited from the Meet the Mentors program, which underscores the Foundation’s mission to support funeral service in building meaningful relationships with the families and communities it serves. The program is part of the Foundation ‘45 Awards, which are designed to transform the careers of funeral service professionals through scholarships, awards, resources and mission-focused outreach. 

    “The Foundation is privileged to help you unlock your potential and take your careers to the next level,” said Funeral Service Foundation Chair Bill Wappner. “I’m honored to represent the Foundation at this year’s program. Your good work drives our good work, and I’m eager to hear your stories and discuss how the Foundation can help you continue build meaningful relationships with the families and communities you serve.”  

    Complete details about the NFDA Meet the Mentors program, including the videos announcing the 2017 Meet the Mentors participants, can be found on the association website,

  • Wednesday, November 23, 2016 11:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In a surprising development, a federal judge in Texas granted an emergency injunction late Tuesday afternoon blocking the implementation of a new overtime rule that would have given more white-collar workers overtime.

    Judge Amos L. Mazzant from the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Texas held a hearing November 16 to decide whether to issue a preliminary injunction delaying the December 1, 2016, effective date for the new Department of Labor regulations. Many observers believed that Mazzant, a recent appointee by President Barack Obama, would not issue the injunction in the Nevada v. U.S. Department of Labor case. However, it has been widely noted that the U.S. District Court in East Texas has been very plaintiff friendly. 

    “Due to the approaching effective date of the Final Rule, the court’s ability to render a meaningful decision on the merits is in jeopardy. A preliminary injunction preserves the status quo while the court determines the department’s authority to make the Final Rule, as well as the Final Rule’s validity,” Mazzant wrote in his 20-page order. 

    The rule, issued by the Department of Labor, was to take effect December 1 and would have doubled, to $47,500, the maximum salary a worker can earn and still be eligible for mandatory overtime pay. 

    “While this does not kill the DOL regulation, it is definitely on life support,” said T. Scott Gilligan, general counsel for the National Funeral Directors Association. “Given the strength of the judge’s ruling, it is very unlikely that he will later change his mind and uphold the regulation. Moreover, when his decision is appealed, it goes to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is very conservative and is unlikely to overturn Mazzant’s decision.” The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans blocked Obama’s executive actions on immigration in 2015. 

    Gilligan said that another factor that will come into play is the change of administrations that takes place at the end of January. “It is likely that the Justice Department under Trump may simply drop the appeal and allow the judge’s ruling to stand, which would kill the regulation.” 

    Some 21 states and more than 50 business groups filed suit to block implementation of the rule, alleging that it would cause significant financial harm. “With the Final Rule, the department exceeds its delegated authority and ignores Congress’ intent by raising the minimum salary level such that it supplants the duties test. The department’s role is to carry out Congress’ intent. If Congress intended the salary requirement to supplant the duties test, then Congress and not the department should make that change,” Mazzant said in his ruling.

    Click here to read the entire article in the Memorial Business Journal.

  • Tuesday, November 01, 2016 10:03 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CFDA's executive director, Steffani Blackstock, and CFDA's Legislative/Advocacy chair, Chuck Bowman, attended the Rulemaking Meeting hosted by the Dept. of Regulatory Agencies offices in downtown Denver on October 31. 

    Testimony was given about the drafted rules pertaining to positive identification and chain of custody. Once adopted, funeral establishments and crematories will be required to:

    • Review and modify release forms for removal and transfers of deceased to ensure minimum standards are satisfied according to state law and DORA rules.
    • Confirm positive identification of the deceased before removal from a hospital, hospice, other care facility, coroners' office, other location or establishment.
    • Require signature from an authorized representative to attest to the identification and release of the deceased to the custody of a registered funeral establishment or crematory. 

    If an authorized facility representative or coroner fails to sign the required release form to attest positive ID or transfer of custody, a registered funeral establishment or crematory should exercise caution to protect itself from liability and may refuse to make the removal.

  • Tuesday, October 18, 2016 3:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Colorado General Assembly established the sunset review process in 1976 as a way to analyze and evaluate regulatory programs and determine the least restrictive regulation consistent with the public interest. In 2016, DORA's Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform (OPRRR) conducted a Sunset Review of Colorado's Division of Insurance regulations. This section includes regulations and licensing for Preneed Contract Sellers.

    The report was issued on October 17th and contains some recommendations that will impact funeral establishments that sell (or offer to sell) preneed funeral plans.

    Recommendations from the OPRRR include:

    1. Amend preneed contract license fees based on costs to administer the program. (Currently, annual license fees are specified in statute from $100 to $2,000.)
    2. Authorize the Commissioner to conduct examinations of preneed contract sellers periodically or as often as the Commissioner deems necessary. A complaint would not be the only method to trigger an examination of  the books and records of a preneed contract seller. 
    3. Examinations of preneed contract sellers to be conducted by Division staff if the company is located in Colorado.
    4. Create a preneed recovery fund to mitigate losses for consumers and repeal the surety bond requirement of preneed contract sellers. 
    5. Require any interest and other earnings from a preneed trust account to remain with the principal. This recommendation will significantly impact the manner in which trust funds are being allocated by funeral establishments by requiring that all interest earnings remain in trust until after the death of the contractee. 
    6. Preneed funds that are not utilized to fulfill the requirements specified in a preneed contract, or remaining funds that are not claimed or returned to a beneficiary, must be transfered to the state's Unclaimed Property Trust Fund. 

    This Sunset Review is likely to spur legislation to enact these recommendations. CFDA encourages its members to carefully review the report and determine the impact these recommendations will have on their business. 

    Please share specific comments via email with CFDA office so we can determine a position and formulate a plan for anticipated legislation.

Colorado Funeral Directors Association,  P O Box 631664, Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-1664 U.S.A. 

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