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CFSB Certification Renewals Due

  • Thursday, January 31, 2019

Your certification through the Colorado Funeral Service Board must be renewed every year to maintain use of the CFSB credential - CMSP, CFD, CET and INT.

Renewal invoices will be mailed to Certified Professionals the first week of December. The annual fee is $90 if paid before the January 31 deadline, or $125 afterwards.

If you have moved or changed employment within the last 12 months, please report your new mailing address to the CFDA office to ensure receipt of your renewal invoice in a timely manner. (Forwarded mail from the post office could take as long as to 60 days for return or delivery.)

Click here to download the CE Activity Report to track your CE activities. Be sure to include evidence with this report, such as certificates of attendance, etc.

If you do not receive your renewal invoice by mail before December 15, please email to the CFDA Office and a PDF copy will be sent via reply.

Regarding Colorado Laws credit: It is essential for practitioners to maintain and refresh their knowledge about Colorado laws that pertain to mortuary science, rights of final disposition, preneed and other regulations. To maintain CFSB credentials, certified professionals are required to earn 2.0 contact hours of approved Colorado laws credit every other year. 

As of December 1, 2018, CFSB certified professionals will need to earn 2.0 contact hours of approved Colorado Laws credit for their 2020 certification renewal.

The Colorado Funeral Directors Association will be presenting more Colorado Laws programs during the 2019 calendar year to satisfy these requirements. Please visit our online calendar to learn more about upcoming programs.

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