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2018 Certification Renewals

Colorado Funeral Service Board certification must be renewed and paid on a calendar year basis to maintain use of the CFSB certification credential.

2018 Certification Renewal Invoices were mailed on November 28, 2017, and renewals must be returned and paid by January 30, 2018. 

If you have moved during the last year, please report your new address to the CFDA office by email and request an electronic copy of your renewal notice to renew your certification.

How do I renew if I don't have the 2.0 CFDA Laws credits?

Renewal Instructions

  1. The 2018 renewal fee is $93. A $3 discount may be applied for check payments.
  2. Renewal fees may be paid online by credit card using the Pay Now link below. 
  3. You must return your 2018 Certification Renewal Invoice with CE Activity Report and evidence to renew at "Active" status. Certificates are not issued for Inactive status. 
  4. Renewals must be postmarked or submitted by January 31, 2018. A late fee of $35 will be applied after this date.
By renewing CFSB certification, you hereby attest and agree:
  • That the State of Colorado does not license practitioners and that CFSB certification is NOT considered a license to practice.
  • To abide by federal, state and local rules, regulations and statutes governing the practice of funeral service, now existing or which may be adopted in the future.
  • To abide by the recommended standards of practice for Colorado funeral service professionals as adopted by the Colorado Funeral Service Board.
  • To adhere to the specific standards, criteria, code of ethics and requirements necessary to hold this certification. 
  • That the Colorado Funeral Service Board certification is a product and credential administered by the Colorado Funeral Directors Association (CFDA).
  • That CFSB certification does NOT constitute membership in the Colorado Funeral Directors Association, nor any benefits and privileges associated as such.
  • That payment of the renewal fee will entitle my use of the CFSB Certification credential (CMSP, CFD, CET or INT) only for the term of this renewal ending December 31, 2018.
  • That renewal at "Active" status requires evidence of earned CE credit, including 2.0 contact hours of CFDA-approved Colorado Laws credit.

Renewals after January 31 are subject to $35 late fee.
Pay online now.

Renewal Fees (after 1/31/18)
Name of Certified Professional
Email address

CFSB does not issue certificates for individuals who renew certification at Inactive status. 

Inactive Status will be applied for individuals who: 
  • Have not provided sufficient evidence of continuing education credit;
  • Have not earned at least 2.0 contact hours of CFDA-approved Colorado Laws credit;
  • Have not earned at least 6.0 contact hours since October 1, 2016.
If your 2017 status was Inactive:
  • You can renew certification at Inactive status through 2018 without CE credit by payment of the 2018 annual renewal fee.
  • You must provide evidence of at least 12.0 contact hours of CE credit earned after October 1, 2016, to be reinstated to Active status. 
  • You must have earned at least 2.0 contact hours of CFDA-approved Colorado Laws credit for Active status eligibility. 
  • You will not receive a certificate unless all required CE hours are submitted by June 30, 2018.
If you have not fulfilled the Colorado Laws credit requirement:
  • Submit your certification renewal for 2018 along with all earned CE credits.
  • Your certification will be renewed at Inactive status until you have earned the requisite Laws credit.
  • Visit CFDA's education calendar to register for one of our upcoming programs on Colorado funeral service laws.
  • After you have completed one of the CFDA Laws classes, CFDA will automatically update your CFSB record.
  • You must submit required CE evidence before June 30, 2018, to be eligible for a certificate.
  • The Colorado Laws credit is not necessary for Retired or Emeritus status.

Certificates are not issued after June 30, however, the list of certified professionals posted on the CFDA website will reflect upgraded status.

We strongly encourage you to participate in professional development activities throughout the year and track your CE activities to ensure you have achieved the required hours needed to renew your certification at Active status.

Here's what you can do to prepare:

  • Print the CE Activity Report form to record your continuing education activities during the past year.
  • Gather your continuing education evidence to prove at least 6.0 hours of CE credit. You'll need certificate of attendance with CE hours for each activity like conferences, seminars, teleconferences, webinars; letter from the organization in which you serve to verify your service as a Board member; etc.
  • A maximum of 2 hours of community service will be accepted. Hosting or presenting at a community service event counts as 1 credit.
  • If you've moved within the past 12 months, please contact the CFDA Office immediately to report your new mailing address. 

Fees for 2018 Certification

Certifications are renewed on a calendar year basis – January 1 through December 31.

  • Certified Mortuary Science Practitioner (CMSP) - $93*
  • Certified Funeral Director (CFD) - $93*
  • Certified Embalming Technician (CET) - $93*
  • Certified Intern/Trainee (INT) - $93*
  • CFD-CET (dual) Certification - $93*
  • Late fee if postmarked after January 31st - $35
  • Reinstatement (if lapsed in 2016) - $125 reinstatement fee + $93 fee for 2018  = $218 Total Due

*A $3 discount can be applied for check payment; make $90 check payable to CFSB.

A Renewal Notice is mailed to certified individuals in December each year. Renewal fees must be paid annually regardless of whether CE hours are reported. Your status as "Active" or "Inactive" is determined by the number of CE hours reported each year.

CE hours are NOT required to maintain certification; payment of annual certification fees ensures that you may continue to use the CFSB certification credential as CMSP, CFD, CET or INT. 

January 31 is the delinquency date for all certification renewals. Certifications are considered “lapsed” if renewal is received after January 31 and are subject to an additional $35 late fee.

Click here for a 2017 CE Activity Report form.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I renew and pay online?  Certification renewal can be paid online, however, you must return your Renewal Invoice, CE Activity report and CE evidence by mail. 

2. I didn't receive my renewal form in the mail. Email to CFDA office to verify your mailing address and email, and a renewal notice will be sent to you via email.

3. I don't have enough CE hours to renew my certification. 

CFSB certifications must be renewed and paid each year to maintain the credential, regardless of whether CE hours are reported. 

Continuing education dictates whether your certification will be renewed at Active or Inactive status. Six hours are needed per calendar year -- including at least 2.0 hours of CFDA-approved laws credit -- for Active status. No hours are needed for Inactive status.

For additional CE hours, consider distance learning options such as online training or home study courses offered by NFDA. A certificate of completion with hours earned will be necessary to demonstrate credit.

4. I didn't attend any of the CFDA Laws classes. How can I earn the Laws credit?

CFDA will be offering more education programs in 2018; please visit our online calendar for upcoming activities. In the meantime, your certification status will be "Inactive" until the Laws credits are fulfilled.

5. My certification status was Inactive last year; how can I restore to Active status? 

Twelve (12) hours of CE credit earned within the last 15 months must be reported to upgrade from Inactive to Active status. You must report CE evidence on or before June 30 to upgrade your 2015 status and receive a certificate. Otherwise, retain your documentation and submit with your next year's renewal.

6. I only earned 4 CE hours this year but last year earned 10; can any CE hours be carried over? 

CE hours may be carried over from the previous year under the following conditions:
  • Credits were earned after October 1st of the last calendar year;
  • Credits were not applied to satisfy your last renewal.

Please contact the CFDA office to verify eligibility of carryover credits before submitting your renewal.

7. I forgot to renew my certification last year; how can I reinstate?  
If your certification lapsed within the last 2 calendar years, your certification may be reinstated with payment of the current year's certification fees ($93), plus reinstatement fee ($125). Contact the CFDA office to request a renewal form. 

If your certification has lapsed more than 2 years, you will need to reapply for certification under the criteria in effect at the time of new application, including new application forms, transcripts, NBE scores, etc.           

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